Jul 04, 2024

Your Health, Your Choice – Embracing Reproductive Freedom

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At Planned Parenthood Direct, we believe that one of the most fundamental freedoms is the right to make decisions about our own bodies. Today, we reflect on the ideals of freedom and independence and what they truly mean: the freedom to manage our own health and choices. Independence is about empowering individuals with access to sexual and reproductive health care and resources – because no matter where you are in this country, you deserve quality care. 

The right to contraception is not just a matter of health; it is a cornerstone of personal freedom and equality. It allows individuals to plan their futures, pursue their educational and career goals, and have control over their own lives. Access to contraception is essential for ensuring that everyone has the power to make choices about their reproductive health without coercion or discrimination.

However, this freedom is not something we can take for granted. Ongoing political and social challenges continue to threaten access to reproductive healthcare. We must remain vigilant in protecting and expanding the rights that allow us to live healthy, empowered lives. We encourage you all to use your voice now, more than ever. 

Planned Parenthood Direct is committed to providing accessible and affordable contraception, ensuring that everyone has the resources they need to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Our services include: 

Birth Control

Get birth control pills shipped and delivered discreetly to your door. (P.S. Shipping is free)! Other types of birth control can also be requested and sent to your local pharmacy for pickup.

UTI Treatment

Think you may have a UTI? For quick relief without a trip to the doctor’s office, request treatment through the app and get back to feeling your best.

Emergency Contraception

ella is a prescription-strength morning-after pill that helps prevent pregnancy. You can get ella for immediate use or to keep on hand for the future.

Abortion Pill

A safe and effective way to end a pregnancy of up to 11 weeks, we offer this service up to 10 weeks to ensure that you receive your medicine in time. Currently available in HI, IL, MD, and WA. 

By using Planned Parenthood Direct, you can access essential reproductive healthcare services from the comfort of your home. Honor your independence by standing up for the freedom to control our own bodies and our futures. 

Together, let's build for a future where everyone’s right to bodily autonomy is respected and protected. Download the Planned Parenthood Direct app today to take charge of your reproductive health.

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